About Us

We are a third generation family business and for more than 40 years we have specialized in developing solutions for all types of industrial kitchens.

We distribute more than 56 recognized American and European kitchen brands of commercial and industrial cuisine in The United States, Panama, Central America and the Caribbean.

We are passionate about our clients, our firm is their success, and our goal is to contribute to the development of more efficient kitchens that, through technology, the use of the appropriate equipment, and compliance with international standards and certifications, achieve innovation. and contribute to the improvement of its processes; without neglecting its resources and profitability.

We believe that a project has no purpose until a visionary decides what its essence will be, and a recipe has no soul until the Chef gives it to it. We know that your vision is unique and we want to help you project it, we have the tools you need to materialize your ideas and that your investment is the most optimal.